Pull up a seat next to host Christine Blosdale and meet Master Teachers in Personal Development, Conscious Commerce, Wellness, Wealth and Abundance Mindset.



The Empath Survival Guide Online Course -

Disclosure: This page contains an affiliate link which means I will earn a commission should you choose to sign up for a program or make a purchase. It’s okay – as an Empath myself, I truly love this course - and I know you will love it too!  

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On this episode of the OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE Podcast we speak with legendary on air television presenter SAM BUCKINGHAM.

For 25 years Sam has graced the screens of Australian television, and has represented brands on all the morning talk shows.

She is currently a presenter on the Television Shopping Network (TVSN). In addition to being a knockout speaker and expert in communication, her warm and down to earth presence has made her a much loved and sought after presenter for Stages, TV, Radio and Videos.

For more info on Sam visit

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Eleni is the Success Works Program Manager at Dress for Success Sydney. She is also a passionate and purpose-driven beacon of light for women who have been incarcerated. She believes in the value of these women and of personal transformation - because it happened to her. 

In this episode of Out of The Box With Christine we sit down with Eleni as she tells us what it's like being caught up in the Criminal "Justice" System and why incarcerated women so desperately need our support.

ABOUT SUCCESS WORKS:A criminal record should never be viewed as an automatic disqualification for employment. Success Works has successfully worked with women with a criminal record seek and find employment.

You can make a meaningful and practical contribution to the lives of Australian women and their families. With your help Success Works can place women into meaningful employment by providing basic necessities (toiletries, transit passes), work clothing, interview support, job-skills workshops, mock interview sessions and employer connections. To make a contribution visit



More Info on this Podcast -

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In this episode of Out of The Box With Christine we sit down with Australia’s most trusted spiritual medium, the marvelous Mitchell Coombes.

Mitchell has helped thousands of people worldwide from all walks of life through his extraordinary gift of mediumship, bringing them comfort and transforming lives.

For more info on Mitchell visit

Books by Mitchell include; 
Sensing Spirit -
Sensing Psychic -
Signs from Spirit: Inspiring True Stories From the Afterlife -

For more info on this podcast visit http://www/
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On today's episode of Out of the Box With Christine: The Podcast For Conscious Entrepreneurs we speak with E.A. Csolkovits, an entrepreneur, business consultant, writer, and Founder of Givers University.

As more and more entrepreneurs are creating businesses that open and sometimes fail right away - according to E.A., the only true value today is creating great relationships which can have a true impact on the world.

The Law of Attraction is very much at work 24/7 and when it comes to those who "take" the outcome will most likely be something that is not so welcomed. But for those that practice the art of "giving" the rewards are mind blowing!

Do Your 7-Question Quiz & Get Your FREE Assessment & Your FREE usable downloads at

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Learn How to Write a Bestselling Book and Create Your Podcast LIVE with Christine Blosdale and Suzy Prudden

Join us on Saturday May 15 at 3PM PT (6PM ET) on Zoom for a 3 hour interactive workshop with BONUS FREE GIFTS!

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You will ALSO receive a 4 hour digital online course that shows you how to use your Book and Podcast to not only promote your brand – but how to profit from these powerful business builders as well.

As part of this Pack you will also receive:
• Eight (8) MP3 guided hypnosis programs to help you write a best-selling book and on creating a wealth and abundance mindset.

• "Your Amazing Itty Bitty How To Write a Book in a Day Book" E-Book

• The brand new "So You Want Your Own Podcast" E-Book.

You will also receive a one-on-one 30 minute Strategy Session with Suzy Prudden as well as Christine Blosdale on Zoom to help clarify and set your goals of creating a home based business!


SPACES ARE LIMITED! So grab your seat today at

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Meet Hanieh Sigari - an entrepreneur, biochemist, and anti-aging industry disruptor. Her holistic skincare brand, Qyral, is the culmination of a lifelong mission to improve lives and increase longevity.

Inspired by her mother, whose efforts lifted hundreds of wartime widows out of poverty in Iran, Hanieh sees Qyral as a pathway for women to change their skin, their incomes, and their lives for the better.

On this episode of Out of The Box With Christine: The Podcast For Conscious Entrepreneurs we dive into the world of Women in Business and how we can not only survive, but thrive in these tumultuous times.

Hanieh also has a treat in store for OOTBWC listeners! You can receive a 15% discount on her gorgeous Qyral Personalized Skincare by using the promo code OUTOFTHEBOX at checkout! Simply visit the website pick your products and get 15% off by using promo code OUTOFTHEBOX. It's that easy!

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Every now and then I come across a Podcaster that simply shines so damn bright that I've got to do a spotlight and tell the world about them. And today I am honored to introduce to you Sam Mitchell and his amazing mom Gina. 

Sam is a high school senior who was diagnosed with autism when he was 4. Although Sam has faced challenges along the way, autism never has HAD him. Sam is the creator and owner of the podcast Autism Rocks and Rolls (see link below) and his mom Gina Mitchell helps him along the way and is his biggest fan.

Through Sam's podcast the messages he wants to spread are: I am not broken. Look at me. Do not ignore me because I have autism. I am a functional member of society. I can do what you do, just a little differently, but, aren't we all different? I am the voice of those who can and can't speak on the spectrum. Don't ignore and dismiss us. Recognize that we are a human being first. We just happen to have autism. 

We hope you enjoy our conversation...

Autism Rocks and Rolls Podcast -

Autism Rocks and Rolls Website -

Out of The Box With Christine Website -

Podcast Coaching by Christine -

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On today's episode of Out of The Box With Christine: The Podcast for Conscious Entrepreneurs we tackle the fear of finances and how to embrace your inner Money Magnet with Certified Financial Planner and Founder of Root Financial Partners, James Conole.

Topics discussed include; 
How To Align Money with Life
How Finances Relate to Personal Growth and Development
Steps to Take To Create Financial Independence

Websites mentioned include;

#Podcast #Money #Financial #Retirement

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My guest today is the amazing Gordon Firemark aka The Podcast Lawyer and we are talking all things legal when it comes to creating and distributing your Podcast.

Some of the topics include; 
Why You NEED a Guest Release Form
Trademarking the Name of Your Podcast
Guidance on Your Theme Music and Bumpers
Is Your Podcast A Business?
And so much more!

Links mentioned in this Podcast Episode;
- Gordon's FREE Release Form:
- Gordon's Podcast Group:

- Form Creator for Your Guest Form:
- ShutterStock for Theme Music:
- Out of The Box With Christine Podcast Official Website:
- For more info on Christine visit

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