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My guest on today's episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE is TOM WISE - who has over 30 years of experience in the Live TV sales business. He’s been a HSN (Home Shopping Network) host, Director of On-Air Talent and Vendor. He’s also appeared on QVC and is currently a vendor there.

Tom has sold millions of units producing infomercials and has worked with Billy Mays, Anthony Sullivan and Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington (as his VP of Production). In other words – Tom Wise is a product sales GOD!

Listen to our conversation and LEARN the most powerful SALES advice from a pro who knows what works and what doesn't.

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On this edition of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE the brilliant and inspirational CHERON K GRIFFIN offers us ways that we can heal the world with both understanding and love. We also share the far too common hurtful experiences of our black brothers and sisters and why NO LIVES MATTER UNLESS BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Cheron is a Life Coach, published author, speaker and Divorce Guru who truly lives her authentic life. Her books include "I See You: Igniting Hope and Preventing Suicide" and she is the Founder and CEO of Grow A Girl Network. Her website is

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Nicholas Gianassi is someone you need to know about. In addition to teaching Meditation to a global audience, he has been a student under a Tao Master for 10 years. He spent two years traveling Australia presenting scientific research that shows how collective meditation is a genuine solution for world peace. Nicholas has dedicated his life to serving others to help move humanity in the direction of universal love, peace and harmony.

See - I told you you need to know about this beautiful soul!

In this episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE we explore how we can tap into the most powerful force in the universe (love) during these unusual times and how we can change the future with our thoughts and words right now.

For more info on Nicholas visit him on Facebook at

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In this episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE we discuss the dangers of EMF, 5G and dirty electricity which surround us every day, invading our world and our health. We also discuss Covid19 and what we can do right now to boost our immune system with 3 top supplements and the elimination of certain foods from our diet.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: DAVID GETOFF is a board certified traditional Naturopath and a board certified Nutritionist as well as an Internationally recognized expert in the use of supplements and detoxification. His website is

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DR. GREGORY CHARLOP a Pediatric Anesthesiologist (Oakland Kaiser Medical Center) is the author of the book “Why Doctors Skip Breakfast: Wellness Tips to Reverse Aging, Treat Depression, and Get a Good Night's Sleep." Today we are going to learn what foods, medicines, lab tests and supplements you need to feel young and look great. And how we can use sleep and other wellness techniques to help keep us safe from coronavirus!

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What do the names Donald J. Trump, Lady Gaga, Princess Diana and Cher have to do with the personalities attached to them? EVERYTHING!

Meet International name expert and bestselling author Sharón Lynn Wyeth, Founder and Creator of Neimology® Science, the study of the placement of the letters in a name. Sharón combines Neimology® and her intuition to give insanely exact and accurate readings to individuals on topics such as love, career, money, relationships, and other aspects of life.

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Damn - its been a rough few months for the global economy. Are you feelin it too? Are you concerned about losing clients or customers? Do you need to reinvent yourself and your business, but don't know where to start? Meet Digital Growth Strategist Molly Mahoney and learn how to go Live And Monetize on Facebook!

To get Molly's FREE Offer visit MOLLY.LIVE/CHRISTINE

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Let's face it. Being in lockdown mode for months with your significant other can be stressful. When you add children to the mix long periods of "togetherness" can get even more difficult to navigate. Being in quarantine with the people we love can become stressful if we let it. But it doesn't have to be this way.

In this episode of Out of The Box With Christine we speak with Michelle Keinan, a successful Wellness Multi-preneur who advocates for healthier emotional dynamics for women in business and at home. She also runs an active Facebook group called The Quarantine Wives Club - and it has become a safe space for women to gather, vent and heal. 

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How can we best cope with our fears and anxiety while being in isolation or quarantine? What can we do to help our family members in this time of uncertainty and global distress? We can do more than we realize and my guest Leah Marshall Marmulla fills us in on what we can do immediately to calm and soothe our minds and bodies.

Leah Marshall Marmulla is an NLP Practitioner, Dietician and author of the book "What the Mind Sees, The Body Feels, Creates and Attracts!"

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Would you like to double your income working half the time? Are you being paid what you are truly worth? How much money are you leaving on the table when dealing with clients?

If you have your own business you definitely should get ready to take notes - and listen to this Podcast!

Loren Fogelman is author of the Amazon bestseller The Success Solution: Break Through Limiting Beliefs for Business Success. She’s also one of America’s top ranked business coaches, recognized by HubSpot in its annual list of the world’s top 22 business coaches.

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Laura Flanders is one of my Sheroes. She is a world renowned journalist who expands our perception of what is possible in the areas of community, economy, and justice by spotlighting people and movements creating systemic change. While mainstream media may look for ways the world is falling apart, Laura Flanders brings us stories that will piece it back together — better.

In this episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE we sit down with Laura to discuss how the Corona Virus is beginning to affect our lives and why making sure we support truly independent news and analysis is so important in this election season.

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Personal Development Strategist Michael Benner is the author of “Fearless Intelligence: The Extraordinary Wisdom of Awareness” and on this episode of Out of The Box With Christine we explore the fear and panic being generated about COVID 19 (the Corona Virus) but also that of which has plagued mankind for eons – the idea of separation.

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Did something about the deaths of music icons Prince and Whitney Houston (as well as Michael Jackson, Tupac and many others) just not sit well with you? Did you ever think how bizarre the circumstances were around their deaths?

We asked Psychic Detective LOU GEORGE to open up her channels to those who have crossed over (more like they were pushed) and who came thru and wanted to be heard on this podcast? Whitney.

What you hear may shock and amaze you but once you discover how much money was on the line it all makes perfect sense.

Listen now to this important program and think OUT OF THE BOX about what it all means.

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Dr. Habib Sadeghi is someone you need to know. In addition to being the founder of the Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical Center in Agoura Hills California, he's also the author of two books, The Clarity Cleanse: 12 Steps To Finding Renewed Energy, Spiritual Fulfillment and Emotional Healing and Within: A Spiritual Awakening To Love & Weight Loss.

But it's his approach to medicine and healing thru the energy of LOVE that truly makes Dr. Sadeghi unique and inspiring.

In this episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE we explore the miraculous healing that can occur when integrating Eastern and Western treatment modalities, which has earned Dr. Sadeghi a respected and world renowned reputation resulting in a patient base that reaches around the world.

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In this episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE we visit with Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey to hear about their incredible journey as entrepreneurs and to learn about their unique “Barefoot Spirit” sales-driven culture and approach, which helped establish the Barefoot brand as one of the most recognizable wine brands globally.

We also chat with TV Legend Ed Asner on his involvement with the theatrical audio version of their best selling book.

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Inspiring clients to discover their personal brand for business success is Grace Lanni’s passion. And on this edition of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE we talk about what branding techniques you can incorporate right away to make your business stand out in the crowd.If you are just starting your own coaching or consulting business this is a must listen to program!

Grace Lanni also has a 7 Day LinkedIn Challenge available for FREE for all listeners at

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Terri Steuben helps give animals a voice and brings people and their pets together in unique ways. She is an animal communicator, Reiki healer, disaster responder, trainer and author of the book Secrets of a Pet Whisperer: Stop Telling Your Animals to Misbehave.

Using her psychic abilities and practical experience, Terri helps people better understand their pets and solve behavior problems. For more than two decades, she has counseled thousands of individuals around the world on how to more effectively communicate with their pets. 

In this episode of OUT OF THE BOX WITH CHRISTINE we get to discuss how Terri discovered her natural gifts of communication with animals and healing abilities and how we all have the ability to speak to our beloved animal friends!

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Led by his unwavering belief in social, personal, professional and global responsibility, Bernardo Moya is passionate about helping others. In his pursuit of self-improvement, Bernardo founded The Best You in 2009, and as Chief Inspiration Officer, continues to grow the company, which now includes 8 product lines, 26 international staff and numerous partners. Bernardo also runs Europe’s largest personal development trade fair The Best You EXPO, and is an entrepreneur, writer, publisher and television producer. Now he's bringing the very best in Personal Development to Los Angeles with the BEST YOU EXPO 2020!

For more info on THE BEST YOU EXPO IN LOS ANGELES (MARCH 20-21) or to purchase tickets visit

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Featuring NY Times best selling author and power speaker Suzanne Evans, wealth coach Julie Steelman, financial trainer Chella Diaz and publishing goddess Suzy Prudden.



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Today's podcast is all about the power of our thoughts, words and deep seated beliefs in how we age and the miraculous anti-aging properties of Ormus and Gold.

Consciousness Coach JEWELS ARNES is the Founder of Eternal Gold Energy Infused Skincare, and has been studying the phenomenon of how certain frequencies can make a huge impact on our skin and what we can do to reverse the signs of aging.

To see her full line of Energy Infused Skincare and products visit



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If you are woman in her Menopausal years, are you ready to free yourself of ~ Anxiety, Depression, Low Self Esteem, Migraines, Hot Flashes, Sleeplessness, Low Libido, Low Vitality, Weight Gain, Joint Pain and Hair Loss?

Caroline Angel is the founder of The Whole Transformation & Happy Hormones Program and she helps busy women find their hormonal balance so they can get back to their vibrant sexy selves. She’s also the author of “Fifty Shades of Grain: The Naked Truth About Eating Bread and Feeling Great” an international best seller.

Caroline’s Free Gifts To You!
Book your FREE 30 minute Hormone Balance Breakthrough call with Caroline to discover where you are, where you want to be and what it will take to get you there. You will walk away with a personalized action plan customized to your needs you can implement right away.

Subscribe HERE to receive a FREE Which Fats to Eat, Which to Ditch Cheat Sheet for balancing your hormones.

Claim your seat to the Happy Hormone Breakthrough Live 3 Day Event!

  • Learn the main triggers behind your symptoms!
  • Discover Natural, Effective and Practical solutions to rebalance your hormones
  • Learn latest evidence based science approach to working with labs
  • Gain access to support, mentorship, and tools
  • Be part of like hearted community of women
  • Be on your way to becoming your own healer
  • Outstanding Food! (3 lunches /1 dinner): organic, sustainably grown, locally produced

Early Bird Pricing for ONLY $397 ($997 Value) Seating is Limited. 
Claim your seat HERE! 


CLICK HERE to get Caroline’s Book “Fifty Shades of Grain”


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UGH! If the holidays have you feeling chunkier than you'd like or if you have simply want to lose a few pounds you definitely want to hear this show. My guest is world renowned Digestive Health expert JULIA LOGGINS, author of IT TAKES GUTS TO BE HAPPY, and she knows what she is talking about! Before holiday food-a-thons wreak havoc on your body find out what is really going on in that belly of yours and start healing today.

After listening to the podcast you will also want to take Julia’s HAPPY GUT MAKEOVER COURSE and start 2020 off right!

You get the Happy Gut Makeover course, coaching calls, email support and private support group:
• Lifetime access to the 28-module online course
• Weekly live coaching calls
• Direct email access for personal support and answers to your questions
• Lifetime Access to the Happy Gut Makeover Private Facebook Group

The course textbook, plus 3 supplements, pH Strips and a Stress Testing Card:
• The book It Takes Guts to be Happy! (264 pages)
• Enzyme Energy (food enzymes)
• Happy Gut Cleanse, a gentle colon cleanse
• Bugs Be Gone, a parasite-fighting formula
• pH strips, for Measuring alkalinity and acidity
• Biofeedback Stress Testing Card

GET IT ALL TODAY by going to

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